New Footage Of 10-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Shark In Bahamas Shows Blood Filling Up Tank In Absolutely Horrifying Scene


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This video will give you outright chills…

New footage of the 10-year-old boy being attacked by a shark and having his leg almost ripped off in the Bahamas is circulating, with the video showing blood filling up the tank in a freaky scene.

Like the original video, TMZ obtained the latest footage that shows the bleeding 10-year-old frantically swimming with his father to the top of the tank — who hopped into the water to help his son get over to a ladder. (RELATED: Catch Of A Lifetime: Instant Legend Of A Fisherman Reels In 12-Foot Tiger Shark Off Florida Coast)

TMZ was told by eyewitnesses that the father carried his son to the ladder, got him out of the water and then rushed off to seek medical treatment. The boy’s mother and staff from the Atlantis Resort helped the dad.

The 10-year-old went down into the tank, along with a chaperone, as a part of a Jan. 15 shark experience at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort that’s meant for guests, according to TMZ.


The first video where you couldn’t really see anything was crazy enough. Judging by the screams and everybody’s behavior, you know something chaotic was going on … but then when you actually see it … the blood flowing like that …

It definitely hits you different, and I for one would like to send both my prayers and positive thoughts towards the family. It’s like I said in my previous piece, I couldn’t imagine something like this happening to my kids.

And I don’t want to … I’m out.