GAME CHANGER: New Beer Dispenser Fills Glass From The Bottom Up

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Bottoms Up Draft Beer Systems]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The beer game has changed!

A new kind of beer dispenser is filling up cups from the bottom, freeing up bartenders while ensuring a perfect pour (if that’s still the right word) every time.

Meet the Bottoms Up glass!

Bottoms Up Draft Beer Systems CEO Josh Springer created the nifty invention back in 2008 after he built a prototype using spare parts. (RELATED: A $150,000 Travesty: This Truly Has To Be The Greatest Scandal Ever In The History Of Fantasy Football)

So, how does this bad boy work?

The Bottoms Up glass (there’s also a reusable plastic cup) has a hole featured at the bottom that includes a metal ring sealed along with a magnet, which is disc-shaped and about the size of a poker chip. When placed on top of a Bottoms Up refrigerated keg (or “kegerator”), the magnet then gets lifted and the beer starts to flow from the bottom. A pint usually gets filled up in six seconds.

Oh, and it also comes along with this glorious warning:

Apparently, this thing has been around for a few years … so how am I just hearing about it now?

I mean, damn, this is one of the best creations I’ve ever seen in terms of beer. Imagine having this thing at home, you wouldn’t even have to lift up your arm to pour a glass or use your hand to open a can.

You talk about something that would be absolutely grade-A to have during those football weekends.

Does anybody have one? If so, we’re watching the game at your place.