Rich Parents Blowing $250,000 Or More On ‘Consultants’ To Get Their Kids Into Worthless Ivy League Schools

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An article published by New York Magazine in late January detailed how stupid rich parents are when it comes to supporting their children’s academic success.

Parents are apparently willing to pay $120,000 per year for their children to receive “peer” consulting that is supposed to get them into an Ivy League university, according to an interview with an independent college admissions consultant, Christopher Rim, 28. These “peers” help kids of rich parents on essays, personal projects, studying and other activities related to Ivy League admissions.

Rim has 190 clients under his education company, which means he should be raking in around $22.8 million per year in revenue. Children who don’t get admissions in December are welcome to pay “$250,000 for two weeks” of help, which should be enough time for the January deadline. And parents are willing to pay the hefty sum. (RELATED: Public School Kids More Likely To Get Into Ivy League Colleges Than Preppy Counterparts)

Apparently paying someone more than double a living wage to tell your children how to do school work is a worthy expenditure for these parents — who probably have no idea how their children are actually performing in the first place. And to date, there’s no data on how many of these students actually get into the schools of their choice, noted podcaster Trung Phan.

It’s a shameful truth, but I absolutely love how Rim has managed to find his niche in the absurdly corrupt world of so-called “academic consulting.” His ability to game the system is borderline inspiring. I’ve worked with a lot of men like Rim, and he’s definitely the most successful I’ve come across in the insane world of academic consulting (it is literally crazier than “Tiger King”).

What most Americans probably don’t realize is that, even at the Ivy League level, a Ph.D. dissertation is easier to write than a British Bachelor’s degree thesis. I know this from personal experience, having helped ghostwrite countless higher education papers for students all over the world. This work is not hard at all, but it is if you’re lazy and mummy and daddy bought your success throughout childhood. (RELATED: ‘I Have Gray In My Hair’: Teachers Are Literally Terrified Of Gen Alpha Kids)

Not only do these types of academic consultants allow your children to dumb themselves down, but they also create a normalized crutch. Your children will constantly feel like there is someone else who can do their work for them. And without a work ethic, all future generations are doomed. But hey, at least your children can spend their inheritance on paying other people to help them live! Right?