‘I Have Gray In My Hair’: Teachers Are Literally Terrified Of Gen Alpha Kids


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video went viral on social media Wednesday of teachers sounding the alarm about Gen Alpha, the next generation of American children.

Gen Alpha is the generation behind Gen Z, making up the youngest generation on the planet right now. And they sound like absolute hellscapes of human beings, as far as the teachers in this one video are concerned. “Young Gen Z teachers are talking about the poor behavior of Gen Alpha students, and some of y’all are finally starting to believe us when it comes to how much we missed the mark on raising these kids right,” the video starts, featuring a clip from  TikTok user “@Teresakayenewman.”

She notes that she’s only 36 years old and already has gray in her hair, so people don’t always listen to her. So instead of going on her own rant, she clipped together a series of videos of teachers talking about how awful your horrible children are.

“Defiant, aggressive, disrespectful, and rude,” are all words teachers used to describe this emerging generation. “They don’t respect any authority,” said one teacher, who noted how her students will throw things at her and each other, and refuse to listen when told not to. (RELATED: Gen Zers Are Calling For A Tax Strike, Proving That They Don’t Know How Taxes (Or Anything Else) Work)

“I teach seventh grade. They are still performing on the fourth-grade level,” said another. “We are doomed,” one 22-year-old middle school teacher noted. “Like, these kids do not care. I have kids, all they want to do, all day long, is get high.”

One woman turned the problem back on who is rightfully at fault: The parents. “I need to ask Millennials, why are your kids so awful? And more importantly, why do you think it’s so funny? Your kids cannot read. They cannot write. They’re ill-mannered.”

I was personally horrified when I first moved to the states and found so many parents who thought it was the teacher’s job to get their children to read, so this isn’t just a problem for Millennial parents. If you’re a good parent, your kid should be reading before they even get to school.

It sounds like an entire generation of young Americans were raised eating lead paint and ignored by their parents, who favor the upbringing provided by a phone or tablet screen instead of discipline. (RELATED: One Thing Will Hurt The ‘Avocado Toast Generation,’ Financial Guru Says. But Is She Right?)

When the video flipped back to the original poster, she described how many parents blame their children’s shitty behavior on COVID-19 or teachers not being able to understand “special needs.” But no one is talking about special needs children. And the pandemic gave parents the perfect opportunity to spend more time with their children so they didn’t grow up to be like this … but clearly, a lot of you phoned in your responsibility to making sure your children have good lives.

Because, let’s be honest: If your kids can’t read, write, or be a decent human being, then you are stuck with them for life. You will be paying for them forever, and dealing with them forever. That is, of course, if they’re lucky enough to have a future at all.

I highly recommend watching this entire video. It’s brilliant.