The ‘Smartest’ People In America Are Basically All Totalitarian Psychopaths, Study Finds

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A survey released in January found that a terrifying majority of Ivy League students are in favor of destroying America through the restriction of basic goods and services.

Just when you thought America’s Ivy League education system couldn’t get any more disgusting, a survey published by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity showed just how dire things have become in the minds of those graduating from these schools. Some 89% of Ivy League graduates would be fine with “strict rationing of gas, meat, and electricity to fight climate change,” as Dr. Kevin Bass wrote on Twitter.

Aside from wanting society to collapse and starve, a majority of Ivy Leaguers also feel like the economy is doing fine, they trust the government to “do the right thing most of the time,” and that teachers should have more power than parents. And most of these scumbags are huge fans of President Joe Biden and think Americans have too many individual freedoms.

What type of totalitarian psychopathy are they breeding at these schools?!

As a result of this survey, can we stop pretending that kids who go to expensive schools with big names like “Harvard” and “Yale” are any smarter than most other college graduates? Having worked with PhD candidates from schools ranked from Walden to Harvard, I can tell you, that there’s no difference in the intellect of people graduating from these institutions.

And, to be quite frank, my American friends who never went to college, or went because their parents made them (and now they do something unrelated to their degree), are way, way more intellectual and well-rounded than the Ivy Leaguers. They also don’t have the totally unwarranted ego and mental health issues that seem to have emerged in the last half decade’s worth of Ivy League graduates.

I mean, how mentally ill do you have to be to think rationing the things that keep us alive is a good thing? (RELATED: Normal People Having Ideas Is The Biggest Threat To Global Security, Concludes Cartoonish Bond Villains At Davos)

But, to be fair, I really don’t care if the Ivy Leaguers are successful with their war-destroying humanity. In the best-case scenario, their stupid ideas go away before they cause any more problems. Worst case scenario, they’ll trash society and the planet so badly we’ll never have to deal with their offspring.