‘Make Trump’s Day’: Former Trump Adviser John Bolton Warns Biden His Latest Proposal Will Sink Reelection Bid


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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John Bolton, former National Security Adviser to former President Donald Trump, said Thursday on CNN that President Joe Biden will sink his re-election chances if he recognizes a Palestinian state.

The State Department is reportedly reviewing plans that would recognize Palestine as an official state as part of a large effort to bring stability to the Middle East, two U.S. officials told Axios. The U.S. and several other allies do not recognize Palestine as an official state.

Saudi Arabia has said a peace deal with Israel is contingent on the “irrevocable” recognition of a Palestinian state.

“You long ago called the two-state solution a dead end, that there was no kind of pathway forward on that. Do you think that still holds today?” CNN’s Phil Mattingly asked.

“I think it’s even more true today,” Bolton said. “I will say this first. If Joe Biden wants to lose the election this November, go ahead and recognize a Palestinian state. Go ahead. Make Donald Trump’s day. You know, we’re not recognizing a state of mind. To recognize a state, there actually has to be one in existence, and right now there is no Palestinian state.”

“The British foreign secretary said something very similar to what the White House is leaking. I really think it’s a mindless approach. It is actually much the same as what the PLO used to do, trying to get recognition as a state in the hallways of the United Nations as if that would make for a difference on the ground. I think that kind of position pushes the Israeli government into an even firmer resistance to negotiating that point.”

Bolton then argued the Biden Administration is “so gravely concerned about its political prospects in November” that it has become “nearly paralyzed” about what to do with the Israel-Hamas war. (RELATED: ‘We’re Not Having This Debate Right Now’: Bash Gets Testy With Mayor Who Tries To Claim Israel Is Apartheid State)

Biden is hemorrhaging support among young voters over his handling of the war.

Support for Biden among Democratic voters who identify as Arab or Muslim in Michigan fell to 16% as of November despite voters in Muslim-majority districts backing the president by more than 80% in 2020, a poll conducted by Lake Research Partners shows.

Fellow Democrats have also called Biden out, with Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib posting a video to Twitter that said Biden was supporting a “genocide of the Palestinian people.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected Biden’s calls for the recognition of a Palestinian state, with that view widely shared amongst Israelis. Meanwhile, Biden has reportedly pushed Netanyahu to scale back operations in Gaza and let humanitarian aid in. There are still more than 100 Israeli hostages being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and other areas.