‘The Taylor Swift Effect’: Pop Queen Sells Out Super Bowl Commercials Quickly For The NFL

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but she’s makin’ a killin’ for the NFL — I can’t even hate.

It doesn’t matter which teams are playing, the location, whatever — the advertising space for the Super Bowl goes for a crapload of money, and this is why you see networks showing the desperation they do to broadcast the Big Game. And this year, luckily for CBS, there’s a lot more interest than usual, courtesy of pop superstar Taylor Swift.

Whether you love or hate all of this Swiftism, she brings a lot of attention, and more importantly, cash into the direction of the NFL. And though the league doesn’t need it being the powerhouse that they are, would you turn down free attention that gets you paid? (RELATED: The Sad Reality: Taylor Swift Is Making The NFL A Crap Load Of Money — $331.5 Million To Be Exact)

Yeah, neither would I.

Just take the recent announcement from CBS, for example, per OutKick. They sold out their commercial inventory quickly, doing so 10 days prior to the Super Bowl. And this is for both the main broadcast and the one that’s being carried on Nickelodeon.

And judging by the type of companies buying the ad space, the pop queen obviously has something to do with it.

And don’t get too mad at Taylor — she’s enjoying the attention about as much as you guys.

And the NFL is enjoying that cash … and who doesn’t like cash?