‘Don’t Say That On Television!’: Dem Fox Contrib Marie Harf Spars With T.W. Shannon Over Israel-Hamas War

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Fox News contributor Marie Harf and former Republican Speaker of the Oklahoma House T.W. Shannon got into a heated spat Friday on Fox News over the Israel-Hamas war.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats are struggling to maintain ground in key swing states among key demographics over the Israel-Hamas war.

Biden issued an executive-order Thursday imposing financial sanctions on Israelis living in the West Bank who have allegedly been violent toward Palestinians.

Harf argued that Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel but said Arab-Americans are dissatisfied with Biden’s approach and that the president may seek to show he cares about Palestinians as well. Harf then falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump tried to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., prompting interjections from both Faulkner and Shannon.

Faulkner then asked Harf about her comments, where she claimed Biden didn’t place sanctions on Israeli citizens for electoral support.

“How do you know? Have you talked to him?”

“Well I haven’t talked to him about this, but look. The problem of West Bank settler violence is horrifying, and Israelis across the political spectrum agree with that. This is an election season. This is a question about elections,” Harf said. “And when Joe Biden is up against Donald Trump, who hugs Prime Minister Netanyahu closer than anyone else, who says horrifically racist things about Palestinians, that is the decision here. That’s the decision.”

Shannon interjected, arguing Harf was being “intellectually disingenuous about what is happening around the globe.”

“There is a war between Israel and Hamas, and it’s real simple — you’re either for Israel or you’re for Hamas,” Shannon said, arguing Democrats like Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib have made it clear they “stand with Hamas.”

“That is offensive! That is offensive to say,” Harf interjected as Shannon said the world would not forget the brutal terrorist attacks of Oct. 7.

“The fact that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are now trying to use certain types of influence to make Israel stop bringing home the captives that have been caught by terrorists, that speaks to where the Democratic Party is right now. What we should be saying is, ‘Let’s bring all the hostages home.'”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about right now,” Harf interjected before Faulkner scolded Harf for “name-calling.” (RELATED: ‘Make Trump’s Day’: Former Trump Adviser John Bolton Warns Biden His Latest Proposal Will Sink Reelection Bid)

“He just said my party supported terrorists,” Harf pushed back. Faulkner then said she wanted to give Harf time to debate.

“This isn’t a debate, Harris. It looks like it’s an education because we can’t be intellectually disingenuous. The truth is you either stand with Israel or you stand with Hamas. That’s the war that we’re raging. We can’t try to pick and choose.”

Harf jumped in to argue that Biden is negotiating daily to get the hostages returned and that the “far-left” are the only ones mad at Biden for working to support Israel. Harf added that there can be simultaneous support of Israel while caring about “thousands of dead Palestinians.”

Shannon closed the debate out, arguing that Harf was defending Hamas.

“Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. I was not defending Hamas. Do not say that on television, no,” Harf chimed in. “Do not say I was defending Hamas. That is offensive and wrong. Do not say that, ever!”

Faulkner then ended the segment.

The State Department is reportedly reviewing plans that would recognize Palestine as an official state as part of a large effort to bring stability to the Middle East, two U.S. officials told Axios. The U.S. and several other allies do not recognize Palestine as an official state.

Saudi Arabia has said a peace deal with Israel is contingent on the “irrevocable” recognition of a Palestinian state.

Support for Biden among Democratic voters who identify as Arab or Muslim in Michigan fell to 16% as of November despite voters in Muslim-majority districts backing the president by more than 80% in 2020, a poll conducted by Lake Research Partners shows.