‘I Was Scared’: Ex-Therapist Says Hospital Required Her To Misdiagnose Troubled Teens As Trans

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A former therapist said her hospital required her to diagnose “all teenagers with gender dysphoria” as transgender.

Tamara Pietkze said she quit her job as a therapist of six years at MultiCare after her supervisors allegedly directed her to affirm patients expressing discomfort with their biological sex as the opposite gender, according to an article she penned, published by The Free Press.

“In the last year, I noticed a concerning new trend in my field,” Pietkze wrote. “I was getting the message from my supervisors that when a young person I was seeing express discomfort with their gender — the diagnostic term is gender dysphoria — I should throw out all my training.”

One patient Pietkze treated was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a pediatrician after she attempted suicide following multiple alleged sexual assaults by a classmate, her cousin and one of her mother’s boyfriends. The former therapist said she “was scared” and that it felt like “malpractice” to consent to her patient receiving hormone therapy due to her “many overlapping problems.” The patient was allegedly transferred to a different therapist after Pietkze told a program manager about her concerns, Pietkze claimed. (RELATED: Drag Queen Principal Resigns From Oklahoma School Following Backlash: REPORT)

Pietkze allegedly underwent mandatory training from the hospital on “gender-affirming care” before she quit her job. She claimed that she learned that it was “dangerous” for her career to question the ideology, alleging that she could only “silently nod along” when one patient told her she identified as a “wounded male dog.”

“No matter the patient’s history or other month health conditions that could be complicating the situation, I was simply to affirm that the patient was transgender, and even approve of a medical transition,” Pietkze wrote.