Wild Video Shows Gargantuan Bull Moose Chasing After Skiers

[Facebook/Screenshot/Public — Kenny Rynearson]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Imagine being chased by a moose …

Insane video that’s going viral shows a group of skiers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, being chased by a massive bull moose. The footage was posted on Facebook by Kenny Rynearson, and it shows the bull moose bolting down the slopes while trying to clobber the skiers.

Absolutely crazy stuff, just check out the footage.


Here’s another angle of the insanity:

I’ve never been skiing, nor do I have any interest in ever going skiing, but holy hell, I can imagine the fear that you would have being chased by a bull moose while skiing. But shoutout to these people for getting this incredible footage.

And to me, this just goes into the collection of all of the other animal-featured blogs that I’ve done, which brings me to ask … how can you not love the animal kingdom? (RELATED: Iconic: Newborn Great White Shark Caught On Camera For The First Time Ever)

Now me, as a Florida boy, I’m more into covering alligators, Florida panthers, flamingos, sharks, marlins, dolphins, that whole tropical animal-dome. But I can’t help myself when a crazed moose is chasing after a group of skiers. I don’t know what it is about these videos, but I get such a thrill out of them.

I can say it all started with me watching Johnny Carson videos as a young kid.

And then got elevated with the Dan LeBatard x Ron McGill connection.

And now here I am creating animal content for the Daily Caller … you gotta love it.