‘Shut Your B*tch *sses Up’: People Are Sick Of The Rock And He’s Not Taking It Well


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The Rock sat down with Pat McAfee and the boys for an electric appearance where he defended his decision to bump rising WWE star Cody Rhodes from the upcoming Wrestlemania XL event.

“I love Cody, I love his passionate fans, but then there’s the other passionate fans of Cody and they’re called the uhh.. what’s that again, oh yeah the Cody Cry Babies,” the Rock explained to McAfee.

He continued to roast Rhodes‘ fans, mocking them in a baby voice saying, “These are grown ass men [saying] ‘Cody can’t finish his story right now.'” (RELATED: Vince McMahon’s Sexual Harassment And Trafficking Lawsuit Just Took An Unexpected Twist)

Rhodes introduced The People’s Champ during the most recent installment of Friday Night Smackdown, fueling speculation that Rhodes’ alleged Wrestlemania 40 stepdown is to make room for the Rock to fight Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

While Johnson, an absolute legend of the wrestling game, is used to widespread adoration, many fans have not taken kindly to his perceived squeeze of the young up-and-comer Rhodes.

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INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 02: (L-R) Cody Rhodes wrestles Roman Reigns for Undisputed WWE Universal Title Match during WrestleMania Goes Hollywood at SoFi Stadium on April 02, 2023 in Inglewood, California.
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The Rock’s mentions have apparently been getting flooded by Rhodes fans as well as wider WWE spectators begging him to retire and give Rhodes his spot back, according to a tweetstorm compiled by Ringside News.

The Rock hate became so potent that “We Want Cody” trended on Twitter following the Smackdown spot.

It isn’t limited to simply online trolls either. Fans at the most recent Monday Night RAW event erupted in chants of “Rocky Sucks” in solidarity with Rhodes.

All the hate led Rock to address the “Cody Cry Babies” on McAfee today, lambasting them with a classic Rock insult barrage.

“At the end of the day, look, you’ve got the Cody Cry Babies and you have the Cody fans and then you have Cody himself and there’s a clear distinction between the three,” he told McAfee. “But The Rock says this: those Cody Cry Babies are the ones that for every ten tweets they’re shoving a Chicken McNugget in their mouth, for every 20 tweets they’re shoving two McNuggets up their ass, The Rock says this. All you gotta do is sit back, know your role, shut your mouth and enjoy the ride that The Rock is gonna take your candy ass on. So hashtag that. Hashtag shut your bitch asses up. Hashtag Cody Cry Babies.”

Whether you love him or hate him, all the hype he’s creating ahead of April’s Wrestlemania will no doubt draw eyeballs to the sport’s flagship event. We’ll see how much longer the heel-turned-massive movie star can take the hate though. If he continues like this he runs the risk of earning himself his own crybaby label.