Elite Catch: 1,000-Pound Great White Shark Caught By Fisherman Off Miami Beach

[CBS News Miami/Screenshot/Public]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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South Beach great white sharks … they just hit ya different.

And one happened to be caught just recently by a fisherman, only three-and-a-half miles off the shore of Miami Beach in true “too close for comfort” fashion. And if that doesn’t sound unsettling enough, it was a whopping 1,000 pounds.

The shark was caught by charter captain Mark Quartiano, who goes by “Mark the Shark” and also managed to got the ocean’s apex predator on camera. Talk about two elite catches. And on top of that, my man Mark actually hopped into the ocean with the shark to remove the hook and tag. What a legend.

That said, Mark is still a little bit worried about the sighting, and understandably so. (RELATED: Iconic: Newborn Great White Shark Caught On Camera For The First Time Ever)

“What concerns me is we caught him not far away from Miami Beach and, you know, we have a lot of tourists that come by, swimming in those waters,” said the captain.

And you know what’s crazier? Mark’s crew say they caught another great white shark just last week, and it was twice the size of the one you’ll see in the footage.


I’ve swum in those Miami Beach waters plenty of times, and though it’s a bit nerve-racking that massive great white sharks get so close, it’s pretty cool. And at the end of the day, sharks get a bad reputation. It’s not like they’re just out here attacking people. Hell, only 91 people worldwide were bitten in 2023, to give you an example.

Plus, it’s like I said … South Beach sharks just hit ya different. What a gem this beast is.