CNN Cuts To Commercial As Anchor Wolf Blitzer Looked Like He Was About To Throw Up Everywhere

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN quickly cut to an unexpected commercial break Thursday night after host Wolf Blitzer nearly threw up on camera.

Wolf was talking to House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Raskin about the case against former President Donald Trump that was before the Supreme Court on Thursday.

As Raskin began speaking, Blitzer appeared to grimace in pain before seemingly choking back vomit. The segment carried on for roughly an entire minute, with Blitzer looking ill. Eventually, CNN cut to a one-box shot of Raskin, while someone off-screen could be heard making what sounded like vomit noises.

The network, however, abruptly cut to a commercial break while Raskin was mid-sentence. (RELATED: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Says Trump Has A ‘Slam Dunk’ Victory In SCOTUS After Oral Arguments)

Upon return from the more than six-minute commercial break, CNN’s chief legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid filled in for Blitzer, saying he had to “step away” and that he would “be back.”

CNN told The Washington Post’s Will Sommer that Blitzer “wasn’t feeling 100% while anchoring Thursday night.”

Blitzer later tweeted that he would be back on his show soon.

“I’m fine! Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll see you back in the Situation Room soon.”

The high court heard oral arguments Thursday as to whether Trump is ineligible to be on Colorado’s primary ballot under Sec. 3 of the 14th amendment.

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