British Man Flies From London To New York Without Passport Or Plane Ticket: REPORT

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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An extensive investigation was launched after a British man successfully breached  London’s Heathrow Airport’s stringent security measures, flying to New York without a passport or plane ticket Dec. 23, The Sun reported Sunday.

46-year-old Craig Sturt allegedly ‘tailgated’ another traveler through the security and passport verification processes at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, according to the Sun. He didn’t stop there as he reportedly availed himself of complimentary food and beverages aboard a British Airways flight before touching down in the United States. Upon arrival, however, he was detained by armed officers, who discovered his lack of documentation and subsequently repatriated him to the UK on a charter flight.

The saga took another twist when Sturt was escorted to Met Police custody on Christmas Day, only to be transferred to a hospital in Reading where he managed to elude authorities again. Since his escape from the hospital, Sturt has vanished. This breach has reportedly left the Home Secretary scrambling for explanations over the incident. The breach is particularly alarming, given the heightened security measures and technological advancements implemented post-9/11, designed to prevent such incidents. (RELATED:Prisoner Escapes Hospital Through 5th Floor Window Into Getaway Taxi, Police Say)

In the aftermath of his escape, a warrant for Sturt’s arrest was issued, and his description was widely disseminated in hopes of capturing him. Sturt, who remains at large, has been spotted withdrawing money in London. This intensifies concerns over the ease with which he navigated through one of the world’s most secure airports.