Watch A Group Of Idiot Tourists Nearly Die At Yellowstone National Park


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared Monday by the “Tourons of Yellowstone” Instagram account showed a group of idiot tourists seemingly trying to die amongst a herd of bison.

How few brain cells does a gaggle of tourons (“tourists” and “morons”) have to possess to go wandering into a herd of bison at Yellowstone National Park? My guess would be probably less than two between them. And it looks like there are at least five or six of the idiots out there in the video shared by “Tourons of Yellowstone,” so what’s that? A third of a brain cell each?

Apparently, these utter idiots were gallivanting around Lower Geyser Basin, the largest basin in the park, according to the National Park Service. The region spreads across roughly 18 square miles and spews something like 15,300 gallons of water per minute. It’s a natural wonder, one worthy of protection for eternity … unlike these bison-chasing idiots, one of whom allegedly decided to throw a rock into the basin.

Listen, I’ve written many stories of stupid people being idiots at Yellowstone. At this point, can we just let whatever fate they deserve befall them? (RELATED: Guys, I Think We Found The Dumbest People In America)

I’m talking about a new law: if you go wandering off the path at a national park and a wild animal gets you, that’s on you. And that animal should not be euthanized for doing what God created it to do. Bison aren’t really known for killing people, but a slew of serious injuries have arisen from tossers like these lads trying to get selfies with the beasts, according to the NPS.

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