‘Don’t Need To Spin It In A Weird Way!’: CNN’s SE Cupp, Scott Jennings Pounce On Guest Who Hits GOP Over NY Race

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s SE Cupp and Scott Jennings both slammed former Democratic New York Rep. Max Rose on Wednesday after he criticized Republicans’ goals in the NY-03 race.

Former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi won the special election Tuesday night to replace ousted Republican Rep. George Santos in New York. Suozzi beat Republican nominee Maxi Melesa Pilip 58.7% to 41.3% for the state’s third congressional district. Santos was expelled from Congress after he racked up two indictments over allegations of fraud and a House Ethics Committee report was released.

Rose argued the win was “tremendous” for Democrats before taking aim at Republicans.

“The Republican Party kicked out George Santos. They didn‘t just do that for moral, ethical reasons. They kicked out George Santos because they thought they had this seat in the bag and they were gonna get another Republican –” Rose said before Jennings and Cupp interjected.

“No,” Jennings said, “no, C’mon.” (RELATED: Dems Get Over $700k In Support From Environmental Group In Bid To Win Vacant House Seat)

“Not true!” Cupp said at the same time.

“Oh my God, you think that for once any political party–” Rose began before Jennings jumped in again.

“In the bag? You think a suburban seat in New York–”

“That had just been flipped–” Cupp chimed in.

“-that Biden won by eight points was in the bag?” Jennings asked.

“One that they had won by double-digits, nearly double digits, they became so incredibly confident –” Rose said before Cupp jumped in again.

“They won, you don’t need to spin it in a weird way. He won! Why don’t you take [Suozzi] at his word as to why he won? He said it!” Cupp said, referring to Suozzi distancing himself from President Joe Biden during the campaign.

“All I’m saying here is that this was a monumental shift back from ’22, okay? Back to where Joe Biden was in ’20. It is a very good sign for the Democrats taking back the house. But on an even more important note, it is a very important sign for the strength of the Biden agenda as it pertains to swing voters–”

Cupp could be heard wheezing from laughter before saying “[Suozzi] explicitly went after the Biden agenda!”

“You cannot run away from an incumbent president no matter what you do, no matter what you say,” Rose said, before Jennings chimed in and agreed Suozzi could do what he did even though it would be a bit more difficult.

Suozzi previously held the seat for three terms until he unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic primary for governor in 2022. Pilip was serving as a Nassau County legislator before she was selected to run for the seat in December.