Travis Kelce Discusses Viral Moment He Yelled At, Bumped Into Andy Reid During Super Bowl; Gets Called Out By Brother


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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From the sound of it, Travis Kelce knows he flubbed up.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is finally speaking out about maybe the most viral moment from Super Bowl LVIII. And I’m, of course, referencing when he almost knocked head coach Andy Reid to the ground after bumping into him and screaming at him like a complete lunatic.

Travis is keeping it real, admitting that he crossed the line and things shouldn’t have gone down the way they did.

“It’s definitely unacceptable and I immediately wish I would have took it back,” Travis told his brother Jason on their “New Heights” podcast. (RELATED: ‘Not Safe’: Swifties Are Demanding Taylor Swift ‘Break Up’ With Travis Kelce Over ‘Red Flag’ Behavior At Super Bowl)

“I just love playing for the guy and unfortunately, sometimes my passion comes out where it looks like it’s negativity but I’m grateful that [Andy] knows that it’s all because I want to win [the Super Bowl] with him more than anything,” Travis added.

Jason, who played for Reid during his days with the Eagles, also criticized Travis for what he did.

“You crossed the line, I think we can both agree on it,” said Jason.

“I did,” Travis quickly responded.

“Let’s be honest, the yelling in his face too is over the top. I think there’s better ways to handle this, retrospectively,” Jason continued.


Looks like everything is good in Chiefs Kingdom — nothing a Super Bowl ring won’t fix.