‘Not Safe’: Swifties Are Demanding Taylor Swift ‘Break Up’ With Travis Kelce Over ‘Red Flag’ Behavior At Super Bowl

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Swifties aren’t fans of Travis Kelce … AT ALL.

The fanbase of pop queen Taylor Swift — more commonly known as the Swifties — are demanding that the Grammy winner “break up” with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce over his “red flag” behavior at Super Bowl LVIII.

“She needs to break up with him for her own safety,” one fan urged.

Watching the Super Bowl, the Swifties absolutely flipped their lid when Kelce spazzed on head coach Andy Reid, nearly knocking him over after bumping into him on the sidelines. As a result, they’re now expressing concern for the pop star and advising her to ditch ol’ Travey boy.

“This guy’s got a temper,” wrote another Swiftie. “I’m worried about Taylor.”

“Taylor needs to leave this man and save her reputation. Stop blaming the NFL on her, blame the journalists… look at this lunatic,” another posted.

“Taylor Swift is clearly not safe with this man. She needs to break up with him for her own safety,” another Swiftie commented. (RELATED: It Just Gets Crazier And Crazier: Travis Kelce Tracked Down By Fan At New House The Same Day He Moved In, Brother Says)

Here are some other gems:

Needless to say, this is going to be very, very interesting to follow as we go along … the Swifties are out for blood.