Fox Host Likens Sununu’s Support Of Haley To Helping Biden, Calls Out ‘Almost Zero Chance’ Of Her Winning Nomination

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox News host Shannon Bream likened Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu supporting former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for the GOP presidential nomination to helping President Joe Biden, calling out her “almost zero chance” of winning the spot Sunday.

Sununu appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss his continued support for Haley despite her trailing former President Donald Trump in the Iowa and U.S. Virgin Islands caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Bream began by calling out Haley’s near-zero chance of winning the GOP nomination, asking the governor why he continues to “do things” that may help Biden leading up to the general election in November. (RELATED: South Carolina Voters Don’t Care About Nikki Haley’s Home State Roots Ahead Of Primary: POLL)

“So if, listen, statistically there’s almost zero chance she can pull off the nomination, why continue to do things that are [going to] help President Biden in the general?” Bream questioned.

Sununu pushed back against Bream’s statement by claiming that Haley not having a chance to win the nomination is “nonsense in itself.” He continued to state that not only is it “fair game” to call out other candidates “for what they are,” but that Trump “hasn’t earned a free ride” for the position.

“First, there’s not a ‘zero chance’ that she’s [going to] win the nomination. That’s nonsense in itself. This is a primary, everything always gets chippy. If you go back to 2016, everyone had their shots at Trump and all that and it played out and this is the same [context], ‘Well, you can’t attack the front-runner because the Democrats might use it,'” Sununu stated.

“This is about getting the nomination at this point and battling it out and calling the candidates for what they are. And letting folks know that, when they vote for someone, who are they actually voting for? What are they actually saying? What’s rhetoric there? Where are these policies going to go? That is all absolutely fair game and should be on the table for folks to make their choice. And to say that we’re just going to do two or three states and call it a day, that’s crazy. That’s a bunch of Trump sycophants just praying that the former president gets a free ride. He hasn’t earned a free ride, he doesn’t deserve a free ride.”

“The Republican Party deserves options and choices and a next generational leadership that has a lot of those same policy ideas, but actually could — not just win in November — but implement those policy ideas, right? Like being fiscally conservative, which Trump wasn’t, building the wall, which Trump didn’t, putting in the right policies to drain the swamp and get rid of bureaucracy, Trump did none of that, right? So we want a Republican that doesn’t just talk the talk but can deliver those results for America,” Sununu stated.

Despite trailing Trump by double digits among both Iowa and New Hampshire Republican voters, Haley has continued to stay in the race against the former president. As the GOP’s Feb. 24 South Carolina primary approaches, polls seemingly indicate Trump will lead the state’s former governor by 35 points, according to CBS News.