Andrew Scott Gets Fed Up, Exits Stage Left After BBC’s Colin Paterson Asks Super Cringey Questions On Red Carpet


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Andrew Scott bailed on a red carpet interview after BBC reporter Colin Paterson asked a series of cringey comments about Barry Keoghan’s nudity in “Saltburn.”

Paterson just didn’t seem to know when to stop, after his interview took a nose dive, so Scott simply bowed out. The situation became uncomfortable when Paterson began picking at Scott by repeatedly asking him how he felt about the naked dance scene in “Saltburn.”

Scott, an openly gay man, was visibly uncomfortable being asked to comment on the subject. It got so cringey and weird that he finally just walked off-camera.

Paterson’s initial question on the matter was met with some shyness and an evasive answer from Scott.

The BBC reporter either didn’t notice or simply didn’t care, and continued to press on.  Scott laughed and shook his head at the awkward question, then tried to navigate around the conversation.

“You can spoil away…” Paterson urged.

“Well listen, I won’t spoil it for anybody,” Scott said.

Paterson didn’t grasp the side-step, which prompted Scott to politely play along for a short time. He offered a quick comment by saying the scene was “great,” but that evasive technique wasn’t enough of a hint for Paterson.

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“There was a lot of talk about prosthetics … how well do you know him?” he boldly asked.

The sexual insinuations proved to be far too much for the famous actor, who decided that he had just had enough at that point.

“Too much? Too much?” Paterson said, as the “Fleabag” actor walked away.

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Paterson may not have noticed how inappropriate his behavior was, but fans sure did. (RELATED: Supermodel Heidi Klum Shares Cringey Penis-In-Popcorn Story)

Social media erupted with criticism moments after the clip made its rounds online, with many fans calling for an apology and multiple social media users calling the situation “gross,” “cringey” and “awkward.”

BBC has not publicly addressed the criticism.