Human Leg Found On Subway Track In New York City

Image not from story (Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images)

John Oyewale Contributor
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A human leg was found abandoned on a New York subway track Saturday, according to local reports.

The body part was discovered along the No. 4 subway line in Concourse, a neighborhood in the Bronx around 1 pm Saturday, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) said, NBC New York reported. The discovery reportedly caused the subway service to be temporarily suspended.

“Upon arrival, officers observed a human leg along the roadbed,” an NYPD spokesperson told Norwood News, a Bronx news outlet. “The leg was removed and the investigation remains ongoing.”

Riders were stranded and exasperated by the roughly two-hour delay resulting from the discovery and subsequent on-the-spot NYPD activity, according to Norwood News. A stranded commuter, when told by Norwood News of the find, reportedly said, “They found human remains? Okay, that’s (expletive) crazy. All right, awesome.”

Another commuter speculated that the person to whom the leg belonged might have fled a shooting at the nearby Mount Eden subway station, got on the tracks to hide, and got dragged to pieces by a train, Norwood News reported.

The NYPD did not give details about the leg, according to NBC News. New York City’s medical examiner reportedly began examining the leg for a solution to the puzzling discovery. (RELATED: Human Foot Turned Up In Recycling Plant)

The abandoned leg was a strange find relative to the thousands of odds and ends that get lost across the city’s vast transportation network and that include funeral urns, a welder’s mask, and a blender, NBC News reported.

Meanwhile, the leg could belong to a man who was killed by a train 9 miles away and whose body was discovered Feb 12 missing his left leg, the New York Post reported, citing a police source.