Rare Speartooth Shark Found In Australia

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CineVegas)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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We’ve got a rare gem, ladies and gentlemen!

A new population of a rare and endangered species of shark was discovered by Charles Darwin University (CDU) researchers and First Nations Yugul Mangi Rangers in Australia’s Roper River in the Northern Territory.

The Speartooth Shark, or Glyphis glyphis, is a river shark that also happens to be a species of rarity. It’s only featured in a limited number of tropical rivers and marine waters that are located in both northern Australia and Papua New Guinea’s south. (RELATED: Elite Catch: 1,000-Pound Great White Shark Caught By Fisherman Off Miami Beach)

Under the national environmental legislation of Australia, the Speartooth Shark is listed as Critically Endangered due to low population and small geographic range that the species has.

The Speartooth Shark is one of only a few of the world’s sharks that are in rivers.

Despite the rarity of river sharks, it still amazes me that they exist. Like, you can just be walking or swimming in a river, and then boom, you can come across a shark — and God forbid, you get bit by one.

But shoutout to these people for finding a rare species, it’s always cool when something “rare” is found.

Long live the Speartooth Shark … I know how you little guys are endangered.