Sportswriter’s Brilliant Proposal May Have Just Saved The NBA All-Star Game

Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The NBA All-Star Game stinks. I know it. You know it. Everybody and their mother knows it.

The game was so boring, and the players put in so little effort, that the highlights of the weekend were a girl shooting threes and Charles Barkley trashing San Francisco.

The 211-186 final score broke the record for all-time points in a game, and not because these guys are just that much better than in previous years, but because they just blatantly didn’t try playing defense.

The game got near all-time low numbers, with their 5.5 million viewership number trailing only 2023 for least viewed in history.

While some have argued that they should incentivize the players with more money like they did in the recent inaugural playoff tournament (players from the winning team each received $500,0000) I don’t think that would make a huge difference here. The game’s main drivers like LeBron James and Stephen Curry make upwards of $50 million per year. That $500,000 ain’t really gonna move the needle.

So should we just scrap the game altogether? What to do, what to do … Well, one Twitter sportswriter has a brilliant idea: A one-on-one tournament. (RELATED: ‘Saved Your Career’: Bucks’ Pat Beverley Blasts Former Sharpshooter JJ Redick Over Doc Rivers Criticism)

Sportswriter and YouTuber Frank Michael Smith put together a proposal for a one-night, 32-man, winner-take-all all bracket that sounds absolutely electric.

“Put the NBA’s top 32 scorers in a bracket and seed them based on points/game,” he tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Smith also added a sweet little wrinkle that the previous year’s winner could crown the next year’s winner like the Masters does with green jackets.

Rather than appeal to their wallets, this proposal makes a play to the NBA stars’ documented vanity.

“You can’t tell me these guys won’t care about being crowned ‘1V1 World Champ,'” Smith aptly notes.

I know LeBron is probably retiring soon, but I guarantee you he would throw his hat into the ring for a chance to show off solo like this.

I’m so totally in favor of this format it’s not even funny. Imagine getting to see Steph Curry match up one-on-one with Kevin Durant. Or how about Wemby vs. Embiid? The possible matchups are tantalizing to think about.