Sydney Sweeney Hilariously Shuts Down Alleged Scammer Trying To Cash In On Her Name

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Sydney Sweeney had the best response for an alleged scammer who appeared to attempt to use her likeness to cash in on her name.

The famous actress saw someone on social media claiming to have been her dietician and alleging that they helped Sweeney land her “dream role” by making “5 easy food swaps.” Sweeney flipped the script by writing a cheeky response to the quote, effectively silencing the purported dietician and triggering the removal of lies from the internet.

The alleged scammer took to social media and told fans she had offered effective diet solutions to the superstar actress. “I was Sydney Sweeney’s dietican [sic] for 5 years, this is how I helped her get her dream role with 5 easy food swaps,” the now-deleted ad read.

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The alleged scammer attempted to convince the public she held the secrets to Sweeney’s fit physique and actively played a role in making dietary food swaps for the star. The purported dietician went on to claim that before her expert intervention, Sweeney’s “favorite comfort food” was Kraft Mac ’n’ Cheese, describing this as “a dietician’s nightmare.”

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This prompted a number of social media users to begin a discussion about how celebrities are used to help in the promotion of toxic diet culture.

Sweeney wasn’t having it. Instead of blasting the purported dietician, she simply wrote back in the comment section.

“I don’t know you and kraft mac n cheese is for life,” Sweeney wrote.

Social media erupted and many people began weighing in on the matter after seeing Sweeney’s response.

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“I need more celebs to start calling out these liars trying to sell diet plans and courses using their names,” one person said.

“This is so strange. why would you lie about that like she’s not on the internet and can’t see it,” another wrote.

“That’s so embarrassing, why would you so boldly lie about something so publicly,” said another person.

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Shortly after Sweeney put an end to the fake news, the person whose image appeared in the post took to social media to alert the public that her identity had been stolen and misused.

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Madeline McWilliam tried to set the record straight by notifying fans she wasn’t responsible for the incident in any way.

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“Hi!!! that’s my photo being used. somebody stole my picture from pinterest and used it to make the video. i just want to make it clear that i had nothing to do with the video!” she wrote in a comment section. (RELATED: Fraudsters Make Off With A Chunk Of Andy Cohen’s Money)

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“Someone used this selfie i posted in my scrubs and pretended it was me claiming to be a dietician. i do not support what is being said in the video whatsoever nor do i have any background in nutrition and health! the person who made the video blocked me on everything as well,” she wrote.