Instant Legend Of A Fisherman Reels In 560-Pound Great White Shark After ‘Over An Hour’ Battle With The Apex Predator

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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One of the most elite catches you can make as a fisherman is a great white shark — and that’s exactly what this legend did.

Meet Gus Smith, a dad from Blackpool, England, who became an overnight legend after reeling in a 560-pound great white shark. And to show the true size and strength of this big boy, it took Smith (along with his three friends helping) over an hour to catch this hoss of a beast. (RELATED: Rare Speartooth Shark Found In Australia)

Smith was visiting his native New Zeland for a holiday, and embarked on a fishing trip that lasted a total of seven days. The initial plan was for he and his buddies to catch Mako sharks, which are normally found on the Three King Islands outskirts.

But then the script flipped, and Smith found himself in a battle with a great white shark, and a massive one at that.

Here’s a look at the rest of Smith’s fishing trip:

What a grade-A trip this guy put together. Not only did he catch a great white shark, he also reeled in a marlin.

It’s funny, because if you look through this guy’s Facebook, you’ll notice that he works out a lot. And it’s a good thing he did. You’re definitely gonna need your strength battling it out with great white sharks and mammoth-sized marlins. Holy hell.

This dude is elite, straight-up elite.