‘I Just Want It To Be Over’: Justin Fields Reveals Reason He Unfollowed Bears On Instagram, It May Shock You

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields had an odd response when asked why he unfollowed the Bears on Instagram recently.

Fields was appearing on teammate Equanimous St. Brown and his brother Amon-Ra’s podcast when Amon-Ra asked him “What’s with the unfollow with the Bears? What’s up with that?”

Fans and pundits speculated widely about Fields’ future in Chicago after news broke Monday that he unfollowed the team on Instagram.

“Bro, I’m glad we’re talking about it,” Fields replied. “Why do people take social media so serious?” he asked.

St. Brown pushed back, though. “But like … why are you unfollowing the Bears?” he asked.

“I still mess with the Bears, I’m just trying to take a little break,” Fields replied. “I unfollowed the Bears and the NFL, bro. I’m not just tryna have football on my timeline,” he declared.

Field went on to provide a hilarious analogy. “I know ya’ll mess with a girl — EQ, especially you — just because you don’t follow the girl on IG doesn’t mean you’re not messing with her.”

To be honest, I see no flaws in this logic.

Fields went on to explain that the wild speculation surrounding him and what the Bears may do with their first overall pick in the upcoming draft was getting to be too much for him.

“It’s something that I don’t want to see it on my timeline. I’m about to go on vacation, I don’t wanna see no more football. It’s either keep Fields, we want Fields, either draft Caleb, so it’s like, bruh … Man, I’m tired of hearing the talk. I just want it to be over,” the star QB concluded.

The Bears hold the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and many pundits and Bears fans are imploring them to take rockstar quarterback prospect Caleb Williams out of USC.

Numerous articles and mock drafts have been written up about whether the Bears should trade the pick, trade Fields, select a receiver first overall and more.

After trading out of the number one spot last year, the Bears find themselves in the same exact position. For my money, unless they get as good an offer as they got last year — the Panthers gave them this year’s pick which ended up being first overall as well as star wideout Justin Fields — they should just draft Williams and let him sit behind Fields.