NYC Elementary School Reportedly Teaches ‘Communist’ Politics And Expressions To Children

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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A public elementary school in Brooklyn is allegedly teaching young kids with pro-communism rhetoric and materials.

Instructors at the K-5 school called PS 321, also known as William Penn, reportedly handed out a Black Lives Matter (BLM) coloring book titled “What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book” to pupils as part of lessons on Black History Month, which included written material that supported Marxist ideals, The Free Press reported.

The parents of one fourth grade student whose grandparents bolted for freedom from Communist China for a new life in the United States were “shocked” to learn that the book used the word Communist phrase “comrade” in the text, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Political Dissident Flees Communist China On Jet Ski After Likening Xi Jinping To Adolf Hitler)

“Using the word comrades comes from Communist times,” said the parent, whose 10-year-old daughter goes to William Penn. (RELATED: XI VAN FLEET: The Woke Cultural Revolution Will Turn The United States Into China. Here’s How We Stop It)

“They are using words that I don’t think are appropriate for elementary school,” the parent concluded.

The child’s parents got wind of the material thanks to a sudden snow day February 13, which led to the students doing their classwork at home.

“This is classwork, not homework,” the parent said. “If it weren’t for the snow, we wouldn’t have known.”

The content of the workbook includes mandated reflections on the 13 principles that guide the BLM organization.

One exercise asked students to read a book about a girl who transitions into a boy called “When Aidan Became a Brother.” The booklet then asks students, “How do you feel when someone tells you what you can or can’t do based on your gender?”

In a section stemming from the BLM principle known as “Black Villages,” students are taught an alternate mode of familial organization which is oriented around “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement,” the Free Press reported.

The director of education at the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, Brandy Shufutinksy, was “offended” that the text “demonizes the nuclear family.”

“They frame it as some form of white supremacy,” Shufutinksy said.

Another parent, whose family escaped the U.S.S.R. as a teen, said that these activities are adjacent to the Soviet “songs we were made to sing as elementary school children… ‘Dismantling’ and ‘comrade’ and everything—it really reminds me of the word salad that was a part of those songs.” (RELATED: HART: Democrats Got Their Political Playbook From Lenin (Vladimir, Not John)

The unnamed parent compared the BLM movement to political Marxism, and remarked “Same salad, different dressing.”

Numerous parents expressed to the Free Press that the coloring book “failed to teach their children about black history” as the content was more politicized, instead.

“There is nothing in these principles that talks about honoring greats in black American history,” Shufutinksy agreed. “There is nothing in here that is actual scholarship. It doesn’t speak to education. It speaks to ideology.”