This Utterly Mind-Blowingly Horrifying Video Of A Tornado Looks Fake. It’s Not.


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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AccuWeather shared a video Wednesday of a tornado in Indonesia, and it literally looks like something out of the new “Twisters” movie.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get through the 38-second series of videos without your jaw ending up on the floor as the carnage and chaos envelop your phone screen. AccuWeather described the natural event as “an unprecedented tornado,” which hit West Java in Indonesia on Wednesday, injuring at least 33 people and causing damage to 116 buildings. (RELATED: ‘Twisters’ Trailer Proves Y’all Need To Be Paying Way More Attention To The Weather)

The tornado is believed to be the first-ever large-scale system to strike the nation, according to Reuters. Only smaller tornadoes, known as “angin puting beliung,” have occurred in Indonesia before Wednesday, so it is truly amazing that no one died (as far as we know at the time of writing).

“My father was sitting in our terrace and suddenly he saw plastic just flying and twisting. Not long after that, the strong wind came near my house,” West Java resident Kay Tiara told Reuters, noting how she felt panicked as the winds approached her. “The roof of my house immediately flew away. My family and I took cover inside my house.” (RELATED: If You Think Close-Up Tornado Videos Are Scary, Wait Till You See What Else Is Coming…)

Residents say they were caught off guard by the tornado because the day was otherwise very hot, and suddenly turned stormy, Fox Weather reported. The actual scale of the tornado is unknown at the time of writing, but Research Center for Climate and Atmosphere, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) climatologist Dr. Erma Yulihastin said these systems are usually brief and a lot weaker than those experienced in the U.S.