Lindsay Lohan Is So Totally Back In The Trailer For Her New Movie ‘Irish Wish’ I Can’t Even Contain My Excitement


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Every Millennial woman in the world will let out a collective scream at the trailer for “Irish Wish,” which brings back the Lindsay Lohan we love like never before.

Once upon a time, there was a collection of young American women who helped define a generation. Their names were Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff … and a handful of others I can’t remember because most of them never made it out of Hollywood in one piece (ie: Amanda Bynes). We almost lost Lindsay, but my goodness is our gal back and better than ever in the trailer for “Irish Wish.” (RELATED: Sequel To ‘Freaky Friday’ Gets Major Casting Update)

The plot to the movie is simple: a woman travels to Ireland to attend her friend’s wedding, only to make a wish and end up in a weird kind of “Freaky Friday” situation where she trades places with her betrothed pal.

Along with one of the most iconic soundtracks — I literally got chills hearing The Corr’s classic “Breathless” — this looks like one of the first classic, non-woke romantic comedies since the days of “Bridget Jones.” (RELATED: ‘Superbad’ Star McLovin Just Got Engaged, Completing His Evolution From Nasally Dweeb To Chad King)

“Irish Wish” is the first of a two-picture creative partnership Lohan has with Netflix, according to Deadline, so let us all pray that this film is as adorably cute (and definitely as funny) as it appears in the trailer. Sure, it’ll probably be predictable, but it’ll be easy viewing. And don’t we all really need that right now?

“Irish Wish” will hit Netflix on March 15!