Surveillance Video Appears To Capture Assault Suspect In Shootout With Los Angeles Police

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John Oyewale Contributor
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A Los Angeles resident Tuesday appeared to engage the police in a shootout in the suspect’s apartment building, according to a surveillance video the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released late Thursday.

LAPD officers took cover by a wall near an elevator in the apartment building as the suspect could be seen opening his door near the elevator and firing at them, the video appeared to show. One of the officers could be seen returning fire.

The officers were responding to a 9-1-1 report from a female neighbor indicating that the suspect, 42-year-old Anthony Franks, allegedly aimed a gun at her, the LAPD said in a statement. The female neighbor was reporting to the officers in person when the incident occurred, the LAPD added. In the video, Franks could be seen opening his door and firing, apparently at the neighbor and the officers.

Backup officers arrived at the scene, according to the statement. Franks, who “was not struck by gunfire and immediately retreated back into his apartment,” was arrested “without further incident,” ending the “brief standoff,” the LAPD added. (RELATED: Video Shows Cops Fatally Shooting Suspect Who Attacked Them With Plastic Fork)

Franks’ weapon, a pistol lookalike, turned out to be a projectile launcher “capable of firing .50 caliber rubber balls,” the LAPD said in the statement. The police reportedly recovered the projectile launcher, “a jar of .50 caliber rubber balls,” and “a Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-automatic handgun” from Franks’ apartment and booked them all as evidence.

Neither the officers nor the neighbor were injured in the shootout, according to the statement.

The LAPD‘s Force Investigation Division was investigating the incident, according to the LAPD.