Jonathan Turley Goes Off On Modern Journalism, Says He Identified Main Source Of Problem


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley went off on modern journalism Tuesday morning in a segment on “Fox & Friends.”

Turley told host Brian Kilmeade that he believes a change in what is being taught at journalism school is responsible for the “bias in the media.”

“You’ve had previous editors talk about the bias at the New York Times and how it has become an effective state media outlet for the Biden administration. The problem is that this is coming out of J school. All these journalism schools are teaching reporters that objectivity is no longer the foundation of journalism — that advocacy is,” Turley said.

The law professor argued how “ridiculous” media outlets have become by referencing Adam Rubenstein, former editor of The New York Times (NYT), who wrote in a tell-all article for The Atlantic on Monday. Rubenstein wrote that he was scolded by an HR representative for telling his colleagues that the spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A was his favorite sandwich during an icebreaker activity. (RELATED: ‘Libs Of Tik Tok Creator Chaya Raichik Clashes With WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz Over Book Bans, Sex Ed And Violent Threats)

Turley told “Fox & Friends” hosts that Rubenstein’s answer “resulted in just gasps” among his colleagues as the HR representative reportedly told the former NYT editor that “we don’t do that here” because the restaurant “hate[s] gay people.”

“That’s the sort of ridiculous point we have come to,” Turley said. “But the media is sawing on the branch upon which it is sitting by relocating this orthodoxy and bias in the media.”