Video Captures Harrowing Moments For Family As Chopper Plummets


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A video captured harrowing moments of family aboard a Bell 206 helicopter that crashed in Medellín, Colombia Monday, The Sun reported.

The family onboard the chopper can be seen experiencing sheer terror moments after lift-off as the aircraft began twisting from side to side, according to The Sun. The footage was taken by a passenger and it displays the situation inside the helicopter as it spun rapidly. The pilot struggled to maintain control, and the aircraft plummeted, causing panic among the family. The passengers are gripping tightly and engulfed in silence as they fear for their lives.

Despite the ordeal that saw the helicopter crash into a building before coming to a rest, all six individuals on board survived. The incident took place just seconds into what was supposed to be a brief 12-minute flight, part of a unique fine-dining experience in the bustling city of Medellín, the outlet stated.

Among the passengers was Francisco Salas, a 36-year-old tourist from Texas. While the helicopter was plummeting to the ground, he made calls to his family to bid goodbye. His girlfriend, Luisa Osorio, was also aboard the helicopter. She had anticipated capturing the content for social media, never imagining the turn their adventure would take. (RELATED: 2 Mississippi National Guardsmen Killed In Helicopter Crash During Training Mission)

“It started to spin, to spin very quickly and we said, ‘We are going to die here’,” Osorio said, The Sun reported.

The incident also involved Sandy Villalobos Marín and Karen Rivera Picada from Costa Rica, alongside Colombian Jaime Andrés Echeverri. Brian Michel Álvarez, the 32-year-old pilot, sustained minor injuries, while Echeverri suffered a broken leg. Over 70 rescue workers participated in the operation, extracting the passengers and crew from the wreckage in a delicate operation that required immense caution, according to The Sun.