‘Aging Backwards’: Joe Manganiello Admires Co-Star Ming-Na Wen For Timeless Beauty

(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Joe Manganiello praised “Mulan” co-star Ming-Na Wen after she was honored at the Hollywood Beauty Awards Mar. 3, E! News reported.

Manganiello lauded Wen for her youthful glow. “When you hear the phrase ‘timeless beauty,’ you think of someone frozen in time,” Manganiello shared, according to E! News. “But that’s just not the case with Ming. I can tell you firsthand that this isn’t a person frozen in time or a person who isn’t aging—this is someone who is aging backwards.”

The duo has been friends since their younger days, E! News reported. Manganiello reminisced about their shared history, including their time at Pittsburgh’s Mt. Lebanon High School and Carnegie Mellon University.

“I’ve seen Ming’s awkward high school photos from back when she was the president of the Science Fiction Fantasy Club,” Manganiello shared, the outlet stated. “This is a person who keeps getting better looking as time goes on.”

Attributing her age-defying appearance to more than just external beauty, Manganiello praised Wen’s inner kindness and sincerity as well. “Anyone who has ever met Ming will attest that her beauty radiates from within. She’s one of the most sincerely kind-hearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing,” he continued.

“I believe it’s her karmic reward, for being that person that she is on the inside, the fact that her outside appearance has no choice but to reflect it.” (RELATED: ‘I’ve Been Lucky’: Sofia Vergara Reveals What She’s Been Doing To Distract From Divorce From Joe Manganiello)

Wen is now 60 and still dazzling fans with her roles, notably in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” She attributes her confidence and perseverance as key to her beauty, E! News stated. In her acceptance speech, she shared her strategy for red carpet appearances.

“Whenever I do go on the red carpet, I pretend I’m Beyoncé for those brief moments, because I can’t be me,” she shared in her speech, according to E! News. “To get this award is such a validation that sometimes it is, like Joe says, it comes from within—and your confidence and your strength and your perseverance is what makes you beautiful.”