Bryan Johnson Claims He Reverse-Aged His Penis By 15 Years

(Screenshot/YouTube/ The Diary Of A CEO)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Tech millionaire Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old biohacker obsessed with anti-aging, revealed on the “Diary of A CEO” podcast Wednesday he reverse-aged his penis by 15 years.

Johnson, who annually invests $2 million in various treatments to combat aging, said on the “Diary of a CEO” podcast he has been using “focused shockwave therapy” to counter erectile dysfunction. Describing the procedure, Johnson explained it involves a technician using a wand that applies shockwaves to the penis through acoustic technology. The shocks, though not electrical, create “micro-injuries” that prompt the muscle to rebuild.

“I have been shocked by the results. I’m now two months in. My subjective experience is as if my penis has gotten 15 years younger,” Johnson revealed.

Despite acknowledging the treatment’s painful nature, rating it a 7/10 on the pain scale and a 9/10 “at the tip,” Johnson admitted he was satisfied with the results. He also noted the therapy’s impact on his nighttime erections.

He emphasized the significance of nighttime erections as indicators of psychological and cardiological health.

To monitor the treatment’s effects on his erections, Johnson uses a small sensor device strapped to his penis. His average nighttime erections currently last about two hours and 12 minutes. However, Johnson aims to achieve erections at the level of an 18-year-old, requiring three hours and 30 minutes of nighttime erections. (RELATED: Hard Drugs: Erectile Dysfunction Pills Accidentally Packaged With Anti-Depressants)

Johnson maintains a strict diet, exercises rigorously and takes 111 supplements to help age-reversal, according to the New York Post. His ambitious goal is to rejuvenate all major organs, including his penis, rectum, liver, kidneys, brain, teeth, skin and hair, to function as they did in his late teens.