Smugglers Put Drugs In Last Place You Would Expect. Police Find It Anyway


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said Saturday that they’d found more than $30,000 of cocaine hidden inside one of the most creative places you’d ever imagine.

Smugglers apparently thought they’d get away with hiding 1,084 grams of cocaine (roughly 1 kilo, 48 grams) inside a set of Canariam Rollerblades, according to a post shared by the department’s Facebook page. The cocaine was hidden inside the wheels of the equipment and was said to have an approximate street value of $35,000 (the cocaine, not the rollerblades; rollerblades are worthless and you all know it).

Members of Kenosha’s Drug Operations Group (KDOG), Tactical Response Team (TRT) and Department of Homeland Security Investigations Team (HSI) conducted a joint operation around 9:30 a.m. on Friday, March 1, 2024, at a private home in the city, according to the post. The raid came after HSI intercepted a package containing the cocaine-laced rollerblades on its way to the property from Bogota, Colombia.

HSI reportedly conducted a controlled delivery of the package to the address in question. TRT then conducted the search warrant after the package was accepted by the property’s residence, where additional evidence was uncovered, according to the post. This reportedly included a money transfer of $30,000 from Kenosha to Bogota and a number of fake identification cards. (RELATED: Prince Harry Reportedly Says Drugs Helped Him Find ‘The Truth’)

Locals were quick to thank the department in the post’s comments for all of the officers’ work in the case. The investigation is ongoing at the time of writing.