Prince Harry Reportedly Says Drugs Helped Him Find ‘The Truth’

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, reportedly said in his memoir that using psychedelic drugs allowed him to see “the truth” and helped him therapeutically throughout his life.

The prince’s upcoming memoir, “Spare,” reveals how he allegedly used the psychedelic drugs for fun and for his mental health, according to The Telegraph. While under the drugs’ influence, he was ostensibly able to explore “another world where the red mist didn’t exist” which enabled him to escape and “redefine” his reality.

Prince Harry claimed he was able to hold on to the experience and see the other world in a way that was “just as real and twice as beautiful,” which strengthened his belief that “this is not all there is,” and that “only the truth existed,” according to The Telegraph.

Prince Harry described staying at “Friends” star Courteney Cox’s Los Angeles home while she was supposed to be out of town, according to US Magazine. When Cox came home, she found the prince and his friends inside, and insisted there was “plenty” of room for them all to crash, so a party ensued, the outlet reported.

Harry and an unnamed actor allegedly found a big bowl of magic mushroom chocolates in Cox’s fridge, so he washed a few down with tequila, US Magazine reported.

At the same party, the prince allegedly went outside to beg the moon for something in his life to change. He was 31 years old at the time, nearly the same age his father was when he married Princess Diana, according to The Telegraph.

Beyond psychedelics, Harry also reportedly describes his experiences with cannabis and cocaine in “Spare.” In 2015 he chose to stop going out after work and would head straight home, where he’d “smoke a joint” after dinner and go to bed early, The Telegraph reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Meghan Markle Will Release Her Own Memoir After Prince Harry)

A joint in the UK is either straight cannabis or what Americans know as a spliff, which contains both tobacco and cannabis. It’s unclear which one the prince allegedly refers to in his memoir.