Texas Mom Charged After Allegedly Packing Son’s Bottle With Mixed Drinks To Ward Off Bully

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Police arrested a Texas mom Tuesday after she allegedly packed her son’s bottle with mixed drinks to protect him from bullies.

Jennifer Lynn Rossi, 45, is facing charges of causing bodily injury to a child after she allegedly concocted a beverage made of lemon, salt and vinegar, and then placed it in a sports bottle for her son to take to school, according to CBS News. Rossi’s 10-year-old son reportedly complained about being bullied by an 11-year-old student who allegedly stole his drink during PE class. The incident happened Tuesday, after a fellow student allegedly stole the boy’s drink Monday, CBS affiliate KENS-TV reported.

“Whether the allegations of bullying at the root of this situation are substantiated or not, there is never an excuse to take matters into your own hands and injure a child,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said, CBS News reported. (RELATED: Arkansas Mom Says Kindergarten Teacher Told Student To Dig Feces Out Of Toilet)

Although the mixture was non-toxic, it sent the fellow student to the hospital, the outlet stated. The child suffered nausea and headaches after consuming a large sip of the mix during gym class. He has since recovered, CBS affiliate KENS-TV reported.

The mom has posted a bond since her arrest. She has expressed remorse, and accepted full responsibility for the consequences of her actions, according to CBS News. The incident has also affected Rossi’s son, who, according to school officials, will face disciplinary measures, per the school’s student conduct policies.