All That Hype For Nothing: The ‘Next Great Thing’ Victor Wembanyama Got Flat-Out Posterized By Trayce Jackson-Davis

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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If it quacks like overhype, and looks like overhype, it might be overhype. Just ask my man Trayce Jackson-Davis.

For the majority of the 2023-24 NBA campaign, San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama has been the talk of the league, at least in terms of rookies. Nobody’s really been talking about Golden State Warriors rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis … well, until Monday night.

Jackson-Davis elevated his brand to new heights in the game between the Warriors and Spurs, and this after he went viral by flat-out embarrassing Wembanyama after posterizing him with an absolutely nasty one-handed dunk. And holy hell, you can feel the impact of it by simply watching it, just ask the Golden State bench who went absolutely berserk.

And that’s not even the most of it! Even the San Antonio crowd erupted! That’s how impressive this thing was!


Did we really build up this man just for him to get posterized by another rookie who’s smaller than him?

Yep, we did.

I’ve been seeing nonsense in the media for the past couple of weeks now about how “Victor Wembanyama is gonna have the Spurs back in the playoffs like magic next season” and “Victor Wembanyama is the next great thing who is gonna win 17 rings,” or something like that, and I can’t help but find it annoying. (RELATED: Put Some Respect On His Name: Kobe Bryant’s Statue Has Multiple Embarrassing Typos And What A Disgrace To The Mamba)

And now we’ve approached a moment in history where the dude gets POSTERIZED by a guy SMALLER than him!

I still can’t get over that … just incredible … but let’s continue to overhype this guy. And I’m sure we will.