Georgia Woman Dies After Getting Trapped Under Conveyor Belt While Reaching For Her AirPods

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Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A Georgia woman died Friday after getting trapped in a conveyor belt while trying to get her AirPods, NBC News reported.

Alyssa Drinkard, 21, lost her life last week in an accident at a Club Car manufacturing facility in Georgia, according to NBC News. Club Car, known for its production of golf carts and other vehicles, is under investigation following the incident. During Drinkard’s shift, she accidentally dropped her AirPod beneath the conveyor belt.

While trying to get her earbud back, she reportedly got caught in a chain mechanism that moved the conveyor. Even though her co-worker, Fae’Zsha Smith, acted quickly, the design of the machinery made it impossible to free Drinkard immediately, according to NBC News. They had to call maintenance staff to take the machine apart and then call for emergency help, NBC News reported. Emergency services reportedly managed to free Drinkard by cutting through the metal surrounding the conveyor. (RELATED: REPORT: Robot Crushes Man To Death After Allegedly Mistaking Him For A Box Of Vegetables)

Despite having a pulse upon being freed and the efforts of emergency responders to perform life-saving measures, Drinkard was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital. The incident affected those who saw it, especially Smith. She shared how the experience and the images she can’t forget have impacted her, NBC stated. The tragedy has reportedly made her think about her future with the company and raised concerns about how safe the workplace is.

Club Car has yet to make a detailed public response but conveyed its condolences and acknowledged the critical injuries sustained by Drinkard at its Evans manufacturing facility, according to the outlet.

“First responders were immediately notified, and we thank them for their quick response to provide medical care and transportation to the hospital where the worker unfortunately later passed away,” the company said, NBC News reported. “Our sincere condolences and thoughts are with the family, friends and all impacted by this loss. We are working with authorities and the contractor in an investigation to determine the facts about what led to the incident.”