Aroldis Chapman Appears To Molest His Mother In Bizarre Instagram Video


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Superstar Pittsburgh Pirates closing pitcher Aroldis Chapman posted a bizarre video to Instagram early Wednesday morning in which he appears to squeeze his mother’s breast.

The flamethrowing closer posted a short clip, which he has since deleted, to his Instagram story in the wee hours of early Wednesday morning that showed him snuggling up to a woman who appears to be his mother and grabbing a big ol’ handful of titty.

The disturbing video caused the Cuban missile thrower to start trending on Twitter, with the vast majority of users expressing shock and horror at the disturbing clip.

In a vacuum, this video could be waived off as innocent and innocuous. Yes, it’s pretty weird to grab your mom’s fun bags no matter who you are, but who knows, maybe one could give Chapman the benefit of the doubt and say maybe that’s how Cuban culture works. I don’t know. I’ve never been to Cuba.

HOWEVER, Chapman does not get the benefit of the doubt from me.

The Cuban defector, who dazzled the baseball world when he set the record for fastest pitch ever thrown in 2010, served a 30-game suspension in 2016 under Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse policy.

Chapman, who signed a one-year, $10.5 million deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates after winning the 2023 World Series with the Texas Rangers, allegedly choked out his 22-year-old girlfriend and fired eight gunshots in his garage during the 2015 incident, according to MLB.com.

Meanwhile Trevor Bauer, who served a 194-game suspension (reduced from 324) under the same domestic assault policy due to accusations from Lindsey Hill, still remains unsigned. (RELATED: ‘Take His Money’: Former MLB Pitcher Reveals Rape Accuser’s Alleged Texts Following Settlement)

So Bauer gets blackballed for an uncorroborated accusation from a money-grubbing ambulance chaser, but here’s video proof of documented abuser Chapman feeling up his own mother and people will still look at you with a straight face saying Bauer brought it on himself. Seems totally fair.