‘Take His Money’: Former MLB Pitcher Reveals Rape Accuser’s Alleged Texts Following Settlement


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Former MLB ace Trevor Bauer revealed a slew of alleged texts from his rape accuser Lindsey Hill in a video posted to Twitter.

Bauer revealed that he and Hill had settled countering lawsuits following Hill’s 2021 accusation that Bauer sexually assaulted her, an accusation he denies, Yahoo Sports reported.

He then proceeded to read a series of apparent text messages between Hill and her friends, apparently obtained by his lawyers through the discovery process of the defamation suits, that show she allegedly premeditated the situation to “steal” his money.

“Next victim. Star pitcher for the Dodgers,” Bauer said in a video response, quoting the alleged messages. “A text Lindsey Hill sent to a friend before she ever even met me,” he added.

“‘What should I steal?’ she asked another, in reference to visiting my house for the first time. The answer? ‘Take his money,’” Bauer read. (RELATED: REPORT: Trevor Bauer Is Under Investigation For Assault, His Agent Says Text Messages Prove He’s Innocent)

So how might that work?” he asked, before continuing to read from Hill’s alleged texts. “‘I’m going to his house Wednesday.’ She said. ‘I already have my hooks in, you know how I roll.’ Then, after the first time we met, ‘Net worth is $51 mil,’ she said,” Bauer continued.

“‘Bitch you better secure the bag!’ was the response,” Bauer claimed. “But how was she gonna do that? ‘Need daddy to choke me out’ she said. ‘Being an absolute whore to try and get in on his $51 million’ read another text. Then after the second time we met, former Padres pitcher Jacob Nix told her, ‘you gotta get this bag.’ ‘I’ll give you 50,000,’ Lindsey replied. Her AA sponsor asked her at one point, ‘do you feel a tiny bit guilty?’ ‘Not really,’ she replied,” according to Bauer.

Bauer then claims her legal team approached him multiple times about settling, which he refused.

“As I have done since day one, I refuse to pay her even a single cent,” Bauer said.

Bauer revealed he’s paid a significant sum in legal fees.

“Quite frankly, regardless of the outcome in court, I’ve paid significantly more in legal fees than Lindsey Hill could ever pay me in her entire life, and I knew that would be the case going in. But the lawsuit was never about the money or me. It was the only way for me to obtain critical information to clear my name,” Bauer stated.

He claimed that following the discovery process, Hill’s lawyers offered a settlement with no financial terms.

“Both parties would drop their respective lawsuits, and neither of us would pay either side any money. I also retain my right to speak publicly about the case, something I have not been at liberty to do since June of 2021. So, as of today, both lawsuits have been settled,” Bauer concluded.

In 2022, Bauer was suspended by the MLB for 324 games, or two full seasons, for allegedly violating the MLB’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy. (RELATED: Trevor Bauer Tosses Ball At Centerfield Wall After Terrible Inning)

The suspension was reduced to 194 games by an independent arbitrator in December, which was still the longest suspension in MLB history, NPR reported. The Dodgers, who signed him to a three-year $102 million deal in 2021, cut him in January. Bauer signed a one year $4 million deal with Japan’s Yokohama DeNA BayStars. He was named a league all-star in July and the league’s MVP for the month of August, according to his agent Rachel Luba.