Japanese City Reportedly On High Alert For Cat Who Fell Into Vat Of Toxic Chemicals

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The Japanese city of Fukuyama reportedly went on high alert Monday over a cat who fell into a vat of carcinogenic chemicals before escaping into the streets.

Residents of the central Japanese city were warned not to approach the potentially toxic feline over fears it could expose them to high doses of hexavalent chromium, a highly toxic carcinogen, the South China Morning Post reported.

Like something out of the best old science fiction movies, workers at the Nomura Plating factory reportedly noticed a strange trail of yellow paw prints through the parking lot. A review of security footage from the previous night shows the cat wandering into the factory. It’s believed the cat may have walked onto a sheet covering a tank of the chemical, which is stored at a constant temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Somehow the cat managed to survive the ordeal. When swallowed, hexavalent chromium causes inflammation to the throat and internal organs, and can also cause skin rashes and blindness if untreated, the outlet noted.

After police alerted residents to be on the lookout for the cat, and not to approach it, the plant received dozens of angry phone calls. People were clearly annoyed by the situation for a multitude of reasons. Some focused on complaining that the necessary precautions weren’t taken by the factory to prevent this rather bizarre situation from happening.

The company was also apparently told to apologize to the cat’s owner, provide them compensation for the incident, and have their license to handle such chemicals revoked. (RELATED: Woman Nearly Gored To Death After Trying To Pet Bison In Yellowstone National Park)

People who understand how cats work jumped in and explained that those tiny little fur terrorists cannot be stopped from doing dumb stuff, no matter how hard their poor owners try. The cat itself has not been seen since Tuesday, but let’s be honest, there’s probably not a good ending to this story. When cats are sick, possibly dying, they hide. And there’s a good chance the cat is now blind as a result of its exposure to the chemicals. However, I pray I am wrong, and this little monster turns back up, possibly with new crime-fighting abilities, within the coming days.