Ranking Of Happiest And Most Miserable Countries Has Some Big Surprises


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The fourth annual Mental State of the World Report was published by Sapiens Labs in March and it turns out we’re all super freaking miserable.

The report surveys only 500,000 people across just 71 countries, but makes a sweeping generalization on how we’re all doing every year. It turns out that in 2023, we were all still suffering the miseries of the COVID-19 pandemic. We just can’t seem to get over it, so the report authors claim. The issue is particularly bad for young people globally, but nowhere near as terrible as people in Uzbekistan claim to feel.

That’s right, the most miserable country in the world is Uzbekistan, which scored the lowest overall average ranking on the report’s Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) scale methodology. Coming in just above Uzbekistan was Great Britain, which has always been a pretty miserable place.

Brits are utterly fantastic complainers. No matter what the situation, a Brit will always find something to get angry about. For the most part, intelligent British people are probably still upset about Brexit, and how it stopped them easily being able to escape to the European continent for a holiday in the sun.

But oddly enough, it was mostly wealthy countries that had the most to be miserable about (not). Having smart phones, computers and access to literally anything and everything you want isn’t good enough for people with money. They want more. More! (RELATED: Wealthy Homeowners Are Building Million-Dollar Closets The Size Of Studio Apartments)

These results were also coupled with factors like eating fast foods, the decline in family and close friendships, and seemed to span all those places with normalized access to the internet, the report stated.

Once again I am proven correct that all of us are far worse off because of the internet. Please don’t tell me that smartphones have allowed us to become more connected, more intelligent, because they haven’t. Smartphones allow you to ignore you family while you’re sat in the same room. And we are definitely becoming dumber as a civilization.

So how about this summer we switch off our phones, get outside into the sunshine, start growing our own vegetables and fruits and stop fucking complaining about living in the easiest society we’ve possibly ever known.