‘Mouthpiece Of The State’: Elon Musk Pans NYT After Headline Calls Deep State ‘Kind Of Awesome’

(Photo by ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Elon Musk slammed The New York Times for publishing an opinion headline calling the U.S. administrative state and system of unelected government employees “kind of awesome.”

The Times published a video insisting that the so-called “public enemies” within the government, such as workers for the Environmental Protection Agency, are the same as ordinary Americans. The piece also warned against former President Donald Trump slashing bureaucratic jobs and replacing them with government officials who “serve him.”

“When we hear “deep state,” instead of recoiling, we should rally,” the piece reads. “We should think about the workers otherwise known as our public servants, the everyday superheroes who wake up ready to dedicate their careers and their lives to serving us. These are the Americans we employ. Even though their work is often invisible, it makes our lives better.”

“But if Donald Trump is re-elected and enacts Schedule F, that could change. He would have the power to eviscerate the so-called deep state and replace our public servants with people who work for him, not us. In the video above, you’ll meet a few of our hard-working American public servants, and we hope you’ll agree that they’re not scary at all. In fact, they’re kind of awesome,” it continued.

In just seven words, Musk wrote in response to the headline, “They are the mouthpiece of the state.”

The “deep state” refers to career employees inside a government, including intelligence fields and the military, working to manipulate policy and undermine elected leaders. It further emphasizes that these unelected government officials are monitoring citizens and invading their privacy. (RELATED: Elon Musk Calls Out Liberal Fact Checker For Allegedly Trying To Discredit The Daily Caller)

A Monmouth University poll from 2018 found there was a bipartisan concern over there being a deep state, with 51% of Republicans and 50% of Democrats expressing concern. An ABC News poll found that 48% of respondents believe the deep state exists and 35% said it is a conspiracy theory.

Musk has criticized the old staffers at Twitter for “suppressing Republicans” and the New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop.