Jazz Chisholm Says He Didn’t Speak To Teammates For First Three Years Of Career: ‘I Don’t Like Y’all Like That’

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Miami Marlins superstar shortstop Jazz Chisholm detailed during a Tuesday interview with The Pivot the insane first three years of his career in Miami. Chisholm says he essentially didn’t speak to or practice with his teammates.

This whole podcast was actually insane, and Chisholm revealed a myriad of shocking details. The most shocking of all was just how adversarial his relationship was with his Marlins teammates.

“I know I’m not the quiet kid on the field, but in the clubhouse, bro, I literally never talked to nobody until 2023. You can ask any of my teammates,” Chisholm revealed.

Chisholm noted that he hated his first three years in the league, largely, it seems, because of how he was treated by his teammates.

“My first three years in the big leagues were the worst three years of probably my life … 2020 to 2022, like, outside of baseball was great. But like, playing baseball, which that was the thing that really I loved doing more than anything else, was the worst.”

“I got to the big leagues and … I hate[d] it. You know what I mean? Like, this is crazy. I hate[d] being around these guys,” Chisholm said.

“If I could tell you I hated my first three seasons in the big leagues you would think I lied because of the way that I went out and did everything and stayed professional, but … I hated 2020. I hated 2021. I hated 2022. All three of those seasons,” Chisholm said.

“Why?” host Ryan Clark asked him.

“You had vets that hate what you do and who you are. I had that from day one in the big leagues, for three straight seasons. From day one to year three,” Chisholm said.

Clark asked Chisholm about specifics. Chisholm detailed a story in which an unnamed veteran teammate tore up a pair of his colorful custom cleats, threw them in the trash and poured milk in them.

“I don’t want to say what I did on camera … but, yeah, I mean, definitely, I was not the rookie that took that easy. I definitely went and threw his whole locker in the trash. I did it. That’s me.”

What an insane situation. Many Marlins fans are speculating that the unnamed veteran he had beef with was Miguel Rojas. The former MLB infielder left the team for the Los Angeles Dodgers before the 2023 season, which lines up with Chisholm’s comments that he didn’t start talking to his teammates until 2023. Rojas was the team captain before the Marlins traded him to LA.

“Our team captain trying to get me out of here,” Chisholm claimed. (RELATED: One Of Best Players In Baseball Makes Decision On Where He’s Playing)

The situation was apparently so toxic that Chisholm didn’t practice with his teammates at all.

“My first three years in the big leagues, I didn’t even practice,” Chisholm said.

“Why didn’t you practice? Clark asked him.

“What do you mean I didn’t … bro, like, I’m not gonna be around you guys, bro. Like, I don’t like y’all like that. Y’all don’t like me. I don’t like ya’ll,” Chisholm stated.

It’s crazy to hear that one of the game’s most colorful and outgoing players was essentially a complete pariah in his own locker room. I tend to think some bullying is part of the natural order of life. But on the playground, with children. Not with fully grown adults who get paid millions of dollars to reach a common goal. What an absurd situation.