‘The View’ Co-Hosts Launch Into Lengthy Man-Hating Tirade

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-hosts jumped into a lengthy man-hating tirade Friday, calling straight ones “useless.”

The co-hosts responded to a TikTok trend asking women if they need men, agreeing with the majority who answered “no.” They adamantly assured they are not including gay men in their criticism.

“Because men are useless,” co-host Ana Navarro said. “I mean — and by the way, I wanted to differentiate between straight men and gay men because I think I would die without gay men. No one can gossip like a gay man, no one can help you accessorize like gay men, and nobody can help you from doing harm to yourself like gay men.”

She said her husband would be “emaciated, starving and living in his own filth” without her.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said her husband is the handyman in her home and successfully does the physical labor in the house.

Co-host Joy Behar called Hostin’s husband a “servant,” and argued she could pay someone to do the job. Co-host Sara Haines said she needs her husband “three to four times a week” and then needs a wife for the remainder of the week. (RELATED: Joy Behar Scolds Men In Audience For Not Applauding Kavanaugh Accuser) 

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin argued men have “proven to be largely useless,” except for former Vice President Mike Pence, and that women are more politically convenient.

“Broadly speaking, I think men have been proven largely useless in the political moment. The people who are saying what needs to be said, in my party, it’s all women with the very few exceptions, Mike Pence and a few others are saying what they need to,” Griffin said. “But in life, I need my husband. I don’t know if I need any other men, but he is irreplaceable. But that’s what I’ll say, we like our husbands, we just don’t need men beyond that.”

Navarro said after 20 years of marriage, Griffin will change her mind on her husband being irreplaceable. Behar said women can only remain married for as long as they do because of their girl friends.

The co-hosts invited former porn star Stormy Daniels on the show Thursday and fawned over her despite her being a former porn star.