DoorDash Is A Human Right Because Microwaving Frozen Meals Is Too Hard, Insane Leftists Argue

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Some deeply sick online leftists, in some of the most insane Twitter discourse this year, recently argued they need DoorDash because they’re too depressed to open their microwaves.

While it’s slightly more complex than that, the discussion essentially surrounded a bunch of lefties claiming they can’t cook or reheat frozen meals due to their chronic illnesses.

Before we dive deeper into the specifics, I would just like to say there are people out there suffering from serious, debilitating, tragic and horrific diseases that disable them from being able to accomplish menial daily tasks that the majority of us take for granted every day. That being said, I believe the vast majority of the people participating in this diatribe are deeply mentally ill but perfectly physically capable of opening their microwave door.

In a hilarious, but also somewhat depressing thread, Twitter user Jeremiah Johnson highlighted some of the cringiest takes from the conversation.

One woman argued that it’s a human right to have all food at all times no matter what. “It’s a basic human right to afford ALL food,” she tweeted. “You can’t pick and choose what people deserve.”

Then there’s this absolute doozy of a thread from the Twitter user (both trans and Palestinian flags in the bio, standard procedure) under the handle @sextoyspolitics.

Responding to a suggestion that, instead of spending extra on the massive markups that food delivery apps charge users, people should just microwave frozen meals instead, this person replied with one of the most insanely idiotic threads I’ve ever seen.

“As someone who somewhat regularly eats microwaved frozen meals, I can tell you it involves much more than just taking something out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave for a few minutes!” the first tweet read.

“There’s getting the box open, firstly, which is often harder than it should be & someone with hand pain or dexterity issues may not be able to get past that step.” I’m gonna stop you right there, Sex Toys. You’re unfurling a multi-page diatribe on opening a frozen food packet with your thumbs on Twitter. I don’t think hand dexterity is the issue here.

“Then there’s reading and understanding the directions, which, especially when I’m tired, is difficult enough for me.” Did you catch that? They just said the quiet part out loud. We went from “disabled people need DoorDash because they can’t open their microwave” to “wahhh I’m tired.”

The person who posted Sex Toys’ thread, Armand Domalewski, received a ton of hate for his commentary. “If you find microwaving a meal this difficult you genuinely need to be under some form of supervised care.”

One user messaged him claiming he used DoorDash because “my family is food insecure.” Grocery shopping, cooking or ordering frozen meals are literally all way cheaper than ordering from a delivery app, by a significant margin in most cases.

Folks, it’s ok to DoorDash. If you’re a hard-working American who wants to enjoy a nice, albeit overpriced, takeaway every once in a while, go for it. Life is for living. But something that requires the labor of other low-to-middle-income Americans in food services and delivery driving industries cannot, by definition, be a “basic fundamental human right.” (RELATED: WATCH: Doordash Driver Unhappy With Her Tip Confronts Customer)

I’ve been watching a ton of “The Walking Dead” reruns recently. It kind of gets me amped to think about what I would do to survive and try and rebuild society in a post-apocalyptic world. Does the fact that I relish a potential hellish future because I would be excited about carving out a role in said potential dystopia reflect some sort of undiagnosed mental illness in me? Possibly. Probably. But I’ll take whatever latent psychosis is lingering under the surfaces of my psyche over the self-indulgent nonsensical mental state these nutjobs are dealing with.

These people would literally all die tomorrow if a solar flare shut the grid down. Like literally no chance they could do anything. Have some pride, for God’s sake.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the food you eat has a marked impact on your overall health, a large component of which is mental health. People who DoorDash McDonald’s and Taco Bell three times a day are doing nothing but further compounding their myriad health issues.