Baltimore Mayor Pleads With CNN To Stop Repeatedly Airing Bridge Collapse Footage


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Democratic Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott pleaded with CNN to stop repeatedly airing the “traumatic” footage of the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse.

The bridge’s entire structure collapsed into the water early Tuesday morning after being hit by a 984-foot cargo ship. The city’s Fire Chief James Wallace said at least two people had been rescued from the scene, and one is reportedly being evaluated at the University of Maryland Medical Center, according to CNN.

Scott called the incident “an unspeakable tragedy,” and said the goal is to rescue all of the people potentially impacted by the collapse.

“It was something out of an action movie. It’s something you never would see and being here right now, looking at it, it makes it more surreal,” Scott told “CNN News Central” Tuesday. “And it just makes you think about, again, those families, those individuals who were on that bridge, those folks that were on that vessel even more because no one should have to endure and I’m gonna be the first to ask that CNN and everyone else stop showing the video. No one needs to see a possibility of their family member being severely injured or otherwise over and over again because it’s just traumatizing our community.”

“Fair enough,” CNN host Sara Sidner replied.

Dive operations have begun searching for people who have possibly fallen into the water, Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski told CNN. He warned they are searching for possible victims in “40 to 50 feet of water with harsh currents.” (RELATED: Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Being Hit By Container Ship) 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said he is in contact with Scott and Democratic Maryland Gov. Wes Moore about the tragedy, and confirmed that rescue efforts are currently underway.

“I’ve spoken with Gov. Moore and Mayor Scott to offer USDOT’s support following the vessel strike and collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge. Rescue efforts remain underway and drivers in the Baltimore area should follow local responder guidance on detours and response,” Buttigieg said.

The cargo ship, named Dali, had been inspected 27 times since its construction in 2015, which reportedly had two “deficiencies,” according to CNN. Chilean authorities gave the ship a “deficiency” for “propulsion and auxiliary machinery — gauges, thermometers, etc” in June 2023, and Belgian officials gave it another “deficiency” for “structural conditions” in November 2016.

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