‘Hell No’: James Harden Keeps It 100% Real Regarding How He Feels About Daryl Morey

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Woah … talk about being brutally honest.

So it’s pretty obvious that the bridge between Los Angeles Clippers superstar James Harden and Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey has completely burned down.

After the Clippers got a 108-107 victory Wednesday night over the 76ers at Wells Fargo Arena, Harden was speaking with reporters when he was asked about the friction between him and Morey. He was also asked about being booed by Sixers fans every time he had the ball.

“Do you think someday you and Daryl [Morey] patch things up?” Harden was asked by a reporter, leading to the Clippers superstar responding with zero hesitation. (RELATED: A True Legend: Jayson Tatum Says He Feels Bad When He Doesn’t Hit People’s Parlays)

“No. Hell no,” said the 34-year-old with a completely straight face.

“For me, personally, I feel like I did everything that I needed to do in the sense of the year prior, taking myself off the max (contract) to help the team get better, for this city. You know what I mean?” Harden told the media. “And for myself, obviously, to win a championship. Things didn’t work out. I wanted to get paid. They weren’t talking. So it is what it is. Then you move on. Everybody’s happy. Life is good.”

Harden was also questioned about whether or not he has a relationship with Philly superstar Joel Embiid.

“No,” said Harden.


Just a complete fallout … it be like that sometimes though.