‘Your Mom’s A Bi**h’: 76ers’ Kelly Oubre Goes Nuclear, Cursing Out Fans And Refs After Botched Call Blows The Game


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Philadelphia 76ers forward Kelly Oubre Jr. cursed out the whole stadium in comical fashion after a botched call gave the Los Angeles Clippers the win in Wednesday night’s contest.

After Clippers stars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard thwarted Oubre’s last-second effort to tie the game, Oubre went scorched earth on everybody.

Pointing at the crowd he appeared to say “You a bitch, you a bitch” before pivoting to the refs to say “your mom’s a bitch, your dad’s a bitch your mom’s a bitch,” video posted to Twitter appears to show.

At one point Oubre even appears to tell a ref “Yo grandmama’s a bitch.”

To be fair to old Oobs Jr., he had good reason to be pissed off. His ‘6ers lost by one point and the refs missed a blatant foul call on him as he attempted to win the game in the final seconds. After the game the refs even admitted they blew it. (RELATED: Caitlin Clark Gets Multi-Million Dollar Offer From American Pro Basketball League. Is She The Future Of Pro Ball?)

“On the last play on the floor, in real time the crew interpreted that play as the defender jumping vertically.  However, in post-game video review we did observe some slight drift to his left by the defender George, and a foul should have been ruled,” ref Kevin Scott said after the game, according to Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Now, personally, I’m happy they missed the call. My Clippers have been struggling and they really needed this win. But I do not blame Oubre one bit for his flagrancy here. Kawhi Leonard won the game for the Clippers with back-to-back and-one buckets, or three-point plays where he scored a two-point bucket and got a foul call to add a third point via free throw. In any fair world, Oubre gets the call here.

But life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, Mr. Oubre! Sometimes you don’t get the call, the ball doesn’t roll in your favor. It’s probably not a good look to drop verbal nukes on everyone in the vicinity every time you don’t get your way. But I can personally forgive him for this one if only because of how hard this clip made me laugh. Next time someone cuts me off in traffic or fails to hold a door open for me I will definitely consider calling their entire lineage a bitch in Oubre-esque fashion.